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You Cold or Cool?

You Cold or Cool?

Remember when your parents used to tell you not to forget your jacket while you were leaving the house for school? Well I’ll still encourage you to remember your jacket, OR you can layer your clothes on.

Because who wants to be cold?

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When I go shopping, I usually like to buy clothes that I know I can layer with the clothes I already have at home. I look for clothes that come in different lengths, whether it’s the length of the top or the type of neckline, so that each layered item can be seen when they are all worn.


My go-to layering piece is a turtleneck because you can literally wear it under anything. Also, don’t limit yourself to one kind of turtleneck! Find some that come in a different fabric like lace, tulle, wool, or even denim. You can then change the turtleneck depending on the look you want to achieve. You'll realize that turtlenecks are the most versatile pieces you could possibly have in your closet.


As you layer more often, you'll eventually find yourself trying to find new ways to layer, and maybe you’ll be surprised by the unique ways you come up with to do it.

Layering has never been cooler.

Happy layering :)


Juxtaposition 1.0

Juxtaposition 1.0