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It’s in the Details

It’s in the Details


I want to use this post to encourage you guys to pay attention to small details when shopping for clothes.


This is an authentic US Army jacket that was unexpectedly given to me during a time I was looking for a military jacket to buy. It is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe not only because it is such an honor to have received it, but also because I love the patches left on the jacket. The patches give so much character, and add a fun detail to my outfits whenever I wear it.


This white button-up may seem like any other white button-up, but what drew me to this particular top was its structured cuffs on the sleeves. I love the fact that the sleeves on this top is long enough to cover most of my hand. It’s a look I personally like because it’s not only more dressy, but also versatile because I can easily dress it down with what I wear it with. Since the sleeves are longer than that of most other tops, it’s great for layering.


Here I have the cuffs unbuttoned so that they can be more flared.


To conclude, it’s the little details that set garments and outfits apart, so keep an eye out for them.



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