Hi! I’m Sarah,

and here are a few things you should know about me:

  1. I am a 22-year old Korean-American, born and raised in Seattle.

  2. Since the night before my first day of kindergarten, I started laying out my outfit for the next day... and have never stopped since. After years of having outfit-planning in my nighttime routine, fashion had naturally grown to be one of my biggest interests. 

  3. Currently, I am a marketing major at UW.

  4. Before deciding to go to UW, I originally planned to attend the Pratt Institute to study fashion design, but luckily realized that my interest in fashion didn’t mean I had to be a fashion designer.

  5. Now that I’ve spent several years away from design and fine art, I created LACK+LUSTER as a means of influencing myself to be more creative and curate a collection of my fashion preferences. 

If my interests could inform, encourage or inspire you in any way, that would bring me a ton of joy. Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad I can share a part of me with you.